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Dad's, Grad's, and Weddings!

Dad's, Grad's, and Weddings! at Marin Jewelers Guild. Busy times at the store in San Rafael. So much fun helping people mark these memorable days with a piece of special jewelry.

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Peace And Love To British Columbia

A lovely couple came in to The Guild today from B.C. They live near Vancouver. He used to live in Marin County many years ago. They come down to visit Marin County on a regular basis and when they do they always stop by The Marin Jewelers Guild at least once. I was lucky enough [...]

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Graduation Is Upon Us!

Handmade artisan jewels to celebrate the day.Shop online with us... or visit us at our store in San Rafael. CONGRATULATIONS graduates of 2014!!!

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Emerald – the May Birthstone

Emerald is a variety of the mineral Beryl, of which Aquamarine is also a variety. Emerald is the symbol of faith, kindness and goodness, and its color reflects new spring growth. In ancient times those who wore the green to bluish-green stone were believed to be endowed with the power to reveal the [...]

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Marin Open Studios and VIP Party!

Marin Jewelers Guild is proud to announce 2 of our jewelers are participating in Marin Open Studios. Marin Open Studios is an annual, free, self-guided art tour in Marin County that takes place the first two weekends in May. May 3 & 4May 10 & 11Kristen "Bucko" Sinn and Merry Morrison will have jewelry on [...]

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Marin Open Studios First Timer!

HI everybody! Happy to be participating in Marin Open Studios for the first two weekends in May. Holing up in my workshop is great and all, but I really like interacting with customers and getting to know my Marin neighbors too.  Just a little bit about my work: I'm a color girl, so it was inevitable [...]

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April Birthstone - Diamond

Diamond was named from the Greek word Adamus, meaning unconquerable. Its supreme hardness combined with exceptional “adamantine” luster and dispersion gives diamond the lasting fiery brilliance for which it is prized.Diamond is the hardest substance known to man - it is a 10 on the Mohs scale - and is exponentially harder than Corundum [...]

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New Website And Blog Are Live!

We are proud and excited to launch our new website design and to bring you this blog! Our intention is to provide a place where you can learn more about our community of artisan jewelers, ways to properly care for your jewelery, news and events at the Marin Jewelers Guild and Art Works Downtown, as well [...]

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