The Marin Jewelers Guild continues to enjoy showing the work of talented artists living throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years. 

If you are interested in showing your work at our gallery contact curator Julie Lindberg.
phone: 707.338.0874 



Realistic Still Lifes by Edy Raby


Portraying the possibility of personal transformation, Edy Raby creates realistic still life and surrealistic images. She finds inspiration for her oil paintings in humble objects such as work worn hand tools, familiar food items and lovingly worn toys, opening our eyes to the eternal beauty of simple gifts which surround our daily lives but often go unnoticed.

“Our lives are a constant flow of possibility for those willing to embrace transformation.” 
~Edy Raby


Art Works Downtown Group Show
Featuring a selection of artwork by AWD artists. 




Past Exhibits

Helen Steele



Previous artists who have exhibited with us are: 
Phyllis Thelan
Jeffrey Beauchamp
Karen Meadows
Louise Kleinsorge Williams
Anna Ladyzhenskaya