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Kristen "Bucko" Sinn

bucko.pngKristen "Bucko" Sinn

My name is Kristen Sinn and my nickname is Bucko. With that in mind, I try to infuse my work with a sense of humor and fun. Buck Naked Creations jewelry is hand fabricated using silver, copper, and gold and I enjoy finding ways to integrate color into my pieces using unconventional materials in addition to gems or precious stones. Also, I know what my pals and I like to wear everyday and when we go out! Enjoy checking out my jewelry at the Marin Jewelers Guild or on my website: at www.bucknakedcreations.com





outerspacenecklacewhite72.jpg  flowerearrings2mvedit72.jpg  fiveclusternecklacewhite72.jpg 


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