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Vicki Marinko - Artist statement

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I remember getting my first piece of jewelry as a little girl – a tiny gold and amethyst ring. I was fascinated with the warmth and beauty of the metal, and the color and glitter of the gemstone. That was the beginning of a lifelong passion for jewelry – both wearing it and creating it.

What began with making adornments for myself and friends- out of found objects, led me to take many metal smith classes throughout the years - allowing me to experiment in different mediums and techniques. After getting a degree in Gemology, I worked in all aspects of the Jewelry industry for a number of years, which eventually resulted in becoming one of the founding members of the Marin Jewelers Guild - that was over sixteen years ago! 

My style is very eclectic - I’m inspired by whatever hits me at the time. Sometimes it’s sleek and sculptural, sometimes it’s intricate and technical. I enjoy incorporating more than one function for my pieces – for example: Ring sets that can be rearranged in different ways, or necklaces that can adjust in length or detach to form new pieces. My creativity continues to be fueled by the endless possibilities

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November Birthstones - Topaz or Citrine

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