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An evolving play of texture and color. ~Merry Morrison


Merry Morrison is inspired by nature and her imagination. Her jewelry is an ever evolving play of texture and color achieved with sterling silver, copper, leather, enamel, and found objects such as vintage glass.

Shop Merry Morrison's jewelry designs at marinjewelersguild.com and at the gallery.

Marin Jewelers Guild
1331 Fourth Street
San Rafael, CA. 94901

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I create everyday heirlooms ~ Robin Goebel

The connection between art and relationships is reflected in the jewelry designs of Marin Jewelers Guild member Robin Goebel. These everyday heirlooms are meant to be worn often and enjoyed by all. Many have qualities that connect people while celebrating milestones and special occasions. Robin's aesthetic reflects the idea that the perfect piece of jewelry [...]

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With color and a sense of humor! ~Bucko

Kristen "Bucko" Sinn infuses a sense of humor and fun into her creations. Her hand fabricated jewelry is made with sterling silver, copper, gold, enamel, gems, and other unconventional materials.Shop Bucko's jewelry designs at marinjewelersguild.com and at the gallery.Marin Jewelers Guild 1331 Fourth Street San Rafael, CA. 94901 415-454-2711

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There is always a story. ~meeshka

Meeshka's jewelry integrates the human experience and stories with beautiful and meaningful designs. Shop Meeshka's jewelry designs online at marinjewelersguild.com and at our beautiful gallery in San Rafael.Marin Jewelers Guild 1331 Fourth Street San Rafael, CA. 94901 415-454-2711

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My transition from the classroom to the jeweler’s bench has been all consuming and incredibly satisfying. ~Shirley Weiss

Shirley's work is concerned with texture and translation. Working primarily in sterling silver, she fuses, etches, and incorporates the processes of lost wax, repousse and chasing to translate textures from our natural environment into art. Shop Shirley Weiss's jewelry designs at marinjewelersguild.com and at the gallery.Marin Jewelers Guild1331 Fourth StreetSan Rafael, CA. 94901415-454-2711

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Inspired by swashbuckling movies and dreams of finding buried treasure. ~Julie Lindberg

Classically distinctive, Julie's creations touch the past and remind us of found precious treasures. Rich high karat golds, fine silver and the aged imperfections of ancient jewelry inspire her designs. For Julie, jewelry is more than ornamentation. "It should create classically distinctive luxury and romance even in the smallest pair of silver earrings" she says. [...]

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I enjoy working with my clients designing in styles from antique to modern. ~Tim Wallace

Tim Wallace arrived in America from New Zealand, where he completed a 10,000 hour apprenticeship in engraving and goldsmithing. His work is contemporary yet reflects the high quality of a traditional craftsman. Tim creates timeless pieces of jewelry that can be enjoyed for many years and then passed down from generation to generation. Shop Tim Wallaces's [...]

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Know Your Jeweler: Tim Wallace

We LOVE feedback from our customers! Here's a shout out to Tim Wallace." Tim Wallace is a truly talented jeweler. My fiancé and I wanted a custom-designed wedding band for him. With some discussion and a rough sketch, Tim was able to create a beautiful, hammered ring that is both classic and contemporary and just [...]

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December Birthstones: Turquoise, Zircon

The name Turquoise is believed to originate from the French phrase “pierre turquoise” meaning “Turkish stone” because turquoise was brought to Europe by Venetian merchants who first acquired it in Turkish bazaars. Turquoise was considered among the most prized of all gemstones by early civilizations in Egypt, and was an important item in a list of [...]

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Where's The Party?

Okay, so maybe we are a little bit late... but we have a YELP page and we do tend to be the life of the party!Feel like sharing some love? Stop by our YELP page and leave us a review. We love YOU! Thanks! ~Your Friends At MJG

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