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Jewelry by Susanna Cabrales - Please touch!

Come see the kinetic jewels by Susanna Cabrales at the next 2nd Friday Art Walk on November 14 from 5-8 pm. When Susanna was in Mexico she became acquainted with the artwork of the Huicholes culture. From that encounter she was inspired to use color and light to explore the possibilities of taking the materials [...]

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November Birthstone – Topaz or Citrine

Yellow is the color most often associated with Topaz, although colors can range from colorless, to pink, to sherry, to dark orange-red, and all varieties of blue. When worn as an amulet, Topaz was said to drive away sadness, strengthen the intellect, and bestow courage.Citrine – a variety of Quartz - was so often [...]

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I'm a Materials Junkie

As a mixed media artist I am inspired by many different materials and as a jeweler I enjoy using a variety of them to create some of my jewelry. Lately I've enjoyed working with encaustic medium and paints and so I decided to try my hand at using the medium - which is made with beeswax [...]

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MJG member Vicki Marinko (and Anne Wolfe) at Dia de Los Muertos in the Mission in San Francisco. Can you guess which one is Vicki? 

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December Birthstones: Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Zircon

TURQUOISE was considered among the most prized of all gemstones by early civilizations in Egypt, and was an important item in a list of tributes and gifts, sent by the Babylonians to Egyptian monarchs. It was believed to be a cure for melancholy and fever. It has also long been considered a stone [...]

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My creativity is fueled by endless possibilities. ~Vicki Marinko

Vicki Marinko has had a lifelong passion for jewelry. This led her to become one of the founding members of the Marin Jewelers Guild. Vicki holds a degree in Gemology and has extensive knowledge of gemstones. Her style is eclectic... from sleek and sculptural to intricate and technical. Shop Vicki Marinko's jewelry designs at marinjewelersguild.com [...]

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"It all looked like so much magic to me and I wanted in." ~Kathleen White

Kathleen loves to make things. Metal has become her greatest passion. By incorporating other mediums into her work such as colored pencils, paints, gesso, wood, encaustic wax, fabric, paper, and found objects, her jewelry creations can be either traditional or off the beaten track. Shop Kathleen White's jewelry designs at marinjewelersguild.com and at the gallery. Marin [...]

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October Birthstones - Tourmaline & Opal

TOURMALINEThe name Tourmaline was derived from the ancient Singhalese word Turmali – meaning mixed precious stones. Tourmaline occurs in just about every color, including bi- and tricolored stones.Tourmalines can act as a magnet when heated or rubbed. Eighteenth century Dutchmen called the crystals “ashentreckers” – or ash drawers – and used them [...]

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All Members New Works & Wall Art

Today was a very exciting day at The Guild... new works and wall art by the artisan jewelers of MJG have been put on display. Store hours are Tue-Sat 10-6. Artist reception at Second Friday Art Walk ~ October 10th, 5-8PM.

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you don't want to loose a stone or a diamond!

A lot of gems are set in settings with sometimes delicate prongs that are prone to wear and tear. Now that your jewelry has been cleaned you can use a magnifying glass, a good pair of cheaters or your local jeweler. Look for metal that has been worn down or stones that may be loose. You [...]

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